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Now offering free shipping on all orders over $250!

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Coates Shin Zen Bi Syrah 2012

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The crafting of a wine of little compromise with a focus on refined quality has been an ongoing project for Coates Wines. The style intended was not bigger is better, with masses of fruit, oak and tannin produced in a heroic style best tackled in 30 years time. If an inspirational source could be named, it would be along the lines of Guigal La Turque; long ageing in new oak, structure with refinement, and expressive but not excessive fruit character.

The name Shin (truth) Zen (goodness) Bi (beauty) has been taken from the guiding principles of Kyudo, the Japanese art of archery. Selecting Syrah true to variety, vintage and region, followed by thoughtful winemaking allows the creation of a wine of beauty and harmony. Whilst winemaker Duane Coates is not a practitioner of Kyudo, he has a long standing passion for archery in its many disciplines and is a Grand Master Bowman with many years of national and international competition experience.

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